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About Us

The world’s energy mix is changing, which mean it’s time to look towards affordable and renewable energy sources. Traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels and nuclear power operate on the basis of huge scale power plants with big distribution networks across large areas. This trend is changing with the rise of the distributed power model.

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Distributed power involves the supply of Megawatt scale power plants at the location where the power is consumed and the feedstock is generated reducing transport and transmission losses.

At Anergy, we provide reliable energy solutions to this evolving market, providing a complete solution from engineering and procurement to the construction of small to medium scale renewable energy power plants. Our technology is extremely flexible and capable of handling a wide range of feedstocks to produce a wide range of potential products.

With world leading technology in high temperature pyrolysis, biochar, and activated carbon manufacture, we understand the complexities and requirements of your projects. Using our innovative designs and a dynamic approach to business, we will plan, engineer, develop, and build your project, taking full control of all associated risk, cost, and management.

We are helping you to secure and control your future energy supplies while managing wastes.

Our Other Brands


Also a part of the Actinon group, Anval is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of feeders and airlocks to the powder and bulk materials handling industries.

With a growing range that meets even the most demanding of applications, Anval prides itself on using simple and elegant design solutions to help customers meet their performance requirements.

Anval’s core product is the hard wearing Rotary Floating Shoe Valve, one of the toughest valves in production today. Alongside this, Anval also offers Dump, Slide Gate and Blow Through valves that meet a wide variety of materials handling applications.

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As a key part of the Anergy group, Ansac is our secondary brand which focuses on the delivery of thermal equipment into the mining and industrial sectors. With over 25 years of field experience in some of the toughest environments on the globe, Ansac is a market leader in its field.

Ansac is a wholly-owned Australian company engaged in the development, design, manufacture, and supply of quality engineered process equipment in the industrial and mining markets.
The company excels in specialised engineering fields, including thermal processing, combustion, heat transfer, high temperature materials engineering, solids and materials handling, mechanical component design, and horizontal rotating elements. Its primary focus is on capital equipment for thermal processing including carbon regeneration, concentrate drying, calcination, and digestion using proprietary designs. This extends to materials handling and specialised industrial machinery manufacture.

Coupled with extensive experience in metal fabrication, casting, and machining, Ansac delivers innovation and excellence in product design and manufacture in the following key areas:

  • Industrial/Mineral Processing Equipment
  • Specialised Mechanical Fabrication
  • Custom Designed Engineered Solutions
  • Field Service and Spares

Ansac boasts an outstanding record for consistent manufacture of durable, highly operable equipment that meets and exceeds the expectations of clients, and it continues to establish long-term partnerships with global clients through leadership and expertise.

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