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Location: Australia
Feedstock: Waste Wood
Throughput: 3.3 tph
Size: 3MW
Product: Fixed Plant

The Hazelmere Project is a project between Anergy, the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) and AusIndustry. The plant is for the direct supply of electricity to Perth Airport and will be the flagship project for Anergy in Perth.

The plant is being installed on an existing site which has a waste timber recycling facility in-situ. All useful opportunities to re-use the timber have been explored leaving the remainder to be left for landfill. To reduce the cost of disposal and improve the environmental impact of the waste timber an Anergy plant is being installed to directly couple with the waste wood shredder.

"The Hazelmere Project is featured as a best practise case study for waste to energy published in Handbook of Clean Energy Systems, Wiley, 2015"

The plant will produce 3MW of electricity to provide renewable, baseload power to Perth Airport. The innovative nature of the project was acknowledged by the Australian Federal Government who have injected significant funding into the plant via the Clean Technology Innovation Programme.

The plant is currently under construction with commissioning expected to be completed soon.