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Location: Immingham, United Kingdon

Feedstock: Spent Activated Carbon

Throughput: 550 kg/h

Product: Fixed Plant

The Immingham Carbon Regeneration Plant constructed for CPL (Coal Products Limited) in 2013 converts a feedstock of spent Activated Carbon into Activated Carbon. The process uses Anergy's High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) technology to heat the carbon to approximately 650-750°C in a steam rich atmosphere driving the reactions required to achieve an activated state.

"The Anergy indirect fired HTP Kiln first volatilises, then pyrolyses any organic material adsorbed by the Activated Carbon so as to regenerat the feedstock in a contained, continuous feed process." 

Gases generated in the process liberate simple combustible components such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide, plus several other heavier organic compounds which are destroyed in Anergy's Staged-Air-Cyclonic-Thermal-Oxidiser (SACTO) which combusts the gasses at over 850°C for a sustained period.