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Waste transformation pioneer, Anergy, has announced its participation with TERRA Cohort III. An initiative started by RocketSpace and Rabobank, TERRA is a first of its kind accelerator program bringing together start-ups and corporations to fuel cross-industry innovation and set a new standard for food and agriculture.

Anergy’s commitment to the environment makes it the perfect partner for this venture. Its high-temperature technology (HTP) allows any waste (bar nuclear) to be transformed into useful by-products, including energy. TERRA will bring Anergy closer to other like-minded brands, allowing for greater collaboration to help boost enterprises with sustainability at heart.

The five month project will bring together brands from start-up level, right up to large corporations. Knowledge-sharing is encouraged and is aimed to forge new partnerships between companies both large and small. An exciting project, Cohort III will showcase Anergy’s HTP plants and their wide applications to companies that can make the most of the new tech.

Michael Martella, CEO of Anergy adds “Our acceptance onto the TERRA program is a testament to the potential of our technology to make real strides in the pursuit of sustainability. Our plants are highly adaptable and have already shown to be functional in a wide array of different applications. Going forward, we’re sure we’ll find more uses for it during Cohort III, and look forward to collaborating with other companies we may previously not have considered.”

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