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A cleantech development company, CHAR Technologies is committed to zero-waste energy solutions so its partnership with Anergy makes perfect sense. The facility will be producing activated charcoal and solid biofuel in the form of biochar by converting waste streams such as wood-based biomass and anaerobic digestion sludge.

Char Technologies received support from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to help build this new facility. SDTC is a foundation created by the Government of Canada that helps accelerate the development of globally competitive clean technology solutions by providing funding and support to Canadian companies demonstrating and deploying new environmental technologies.

The new installation in Canada will position Anergy’s innovative HTP technology as a valuable asset to the campaign. At full capacity the facility will produce up to five tonnes of biocarbon a day. The technology also has the capability to upgrade the biocarbon further to activated carbon.

Michael Martella, CEO of Anergy comments, “It’s heartening to work with other companies that share our sustainability goals. Working with CHAR and as part of the SDTC project is an exciting prospect. Our HTP technology really is ahead of the curve, and this new project is another example of its versatility. Anergy’s design allows for high temperature operations that are scalable across 30kg/hr to 3,000kg/hr applications.”


The HTP plant heats feedstock to temperatures as high as 900°C in an oxygen-free environment, where the material undergoes pyrolysis. It will create two of CHAR’s products: ‘SulfaCHAR’, an activated charcoal, and ‘CleanFyre’, a solid biofuel. SulfaCHAR is used by CHAR Technologies as a cost-effective, zero-waste gas cleaning solution to remedy problems caused by toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulphide in the renewable natural gas industry. CleanFyre is a sustainable replacement for coal. It is a high-energy yet low carbon footprint fuel that offers a similar composition to coal, yet is carbon-neutral.

Andrew White of CHAR Technologies Ltd. adds, “CHAR Technologies is committed to driving innovation and promoting sustainable fuel alternatives. We’re keen to collaborate with partners that deliver high-tech solutions to help tackle growing global environmental issues, and Anergy fits the bill perfectly. We believe our new partnership will offer up high returns when producing our SulfaCHAR and CleanFyre products and we look forward to the future.”

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