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Anergy has chosen to locate its global headquarters in Singapore, a move that will help grow the company’s regional and international presence in the Cleantech sector.

Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), the headquarters will oversee key corporate and strategic functions. Anergy hopes to leverage Singapore’s existing Cleantech ecosystem, strong talent pipeline and close proximity to manufacturing centres to catalyse business growth across regional and global markets. The global headquarters is expected to generate more than 40 new PME (Professionals, Managers and Executives) roles.  

Anergy, originally from Australia, is a family business that is focused on transforming the cleantech sector. The company’s revolutionary High Temperature (HTP) technology will change the global approach to renewable energy and presents a working solution to tackle the issues of both climate change and the untenable state of global waste.

HTP is capable of converting all types of waste, with the exception of nuclear, into fuel or fertiliser. The technology can be integrated into small-scale and large plants. Available in containerised unit, it’s also ideal for off-grid application for those remote locations around the world that are without access to power or a national grid.

Michael Martella, Anergy CEO, comments “Establishing our new HQ in Singapore was an obvious choice. It’s one of the prime locations in the world to foster a business’ growth and gives us the opportunity to scale and develop on the global stage. We view it as a city of the future, so what better place for our cutting-edge technology which we believe will change the waste-to-energy sector.”

Singapore’s strategic location brings Anergy closer to the regions it operates in while serving as an important gateway for the firm to access emerging markets.

Mr Gian Yi-Hsen, Executive Director, Cleantech, Singapore Economic Development Board, adds: “Singapore is the region’s leading Cleantech hub, offering companies a conducive business environment, global connectivity and deep talent pool to develop new sustainable innovations and expand their business. We are glad that Anergy has chosen to partner with Singapore for its next phase of growth.

“We look forward to leveraging Anergy’s waste-to-energy capabilities to complement Singapore’s own efforts in reducing its carbon and waste footprints, while proliferating the adoption of renewable energy for a more sustainable future.” 

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