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“Anergy technology transforms waste into useful products, removes potentially harmful materials from the environment and provides renewable, baseload power.”

  • Applicable to any available organic feedstocks: biomass, farm wastes, municipal wastes, plastics, waste water sludge and industrial by-products.
  • Renewable generation of power from waste solves the dual problem by reducing the world’s landfill and providing energy and useful products.
  • Anergy plants provide Baseload Power. Wind and solar need the sun to shine or wind to blow to produce power.
  • Distributed Power and Waste Management is the Future - Large Power Plants depend on functional grid infrastructure. Emerging markets will bypass grid investment for distributed power.
  • Economical at a Matching Scale to fuel sources allowing minimal transport and simple fuel contracts. Most Biomass Projects fail due to the huge amounts of fuel required to make the plant economical.

Watch: Anergy Waste to Energy Process


Anergy design, develop, construct and operate thermal renewable power plants using our High Temperature Pyrolysis technology which is unique in the market place. Providing a complete turnkey solution for Megawatt scale renewable energy power plants, Anergy will enable customers to secure and control future energy supplies.

The world’s energy mix is changing and Anergy plants will be in the forefront of delivering distributed baseload power to many people who currently have no access to traditional grid based energy. For emerging markets it makes no sense to develop power infrastructure in the same way as developed economies did in the last century. Just as mobile communications re-wrote the rulebook for the telecommunications industry, Distributed Power will have the same effect on utilities.


Case studies

Anergy have been building high temperature pyrolysis equipment and plants for 25 years. That enormous depth of experience has given us an unparalleled understanding of all kinds of different process challenges.

We have investigated some of our favourite projects here.


Project guide 

When developing a project there are a number of things that need to be assessed to make the project work

While Anergy are able to construct the plant there are a number of things required for a project to successfully get off the ground. To assist with this, Anergy has developed this information guide so that developers are able to put together all the elements of a successful project.



One of the most important steps in applying High Temperature Pyrolysis is a thorough understanding of the physical and chemical properties of the feed material.

The properties of biomass feedstocks can vary significantly, meaning it is highly beneficial to clearly define the particular material for your application. Our HTP technology is highly flexible and able to process a wide variety of feedstock material.