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Andrew Robb AO, a former Australian Trade and Investment Minister, has joined Australian owned Anergy in the role of Strategic Advisor. Providing guidance on emerging market opportunities, Andrew will be assisting Anergy in the expansion of its innovative waste to energy (WtE) plants into India and South East Asia. Anergy’s cost effective solution to the critical need for affordable electricity, underpinned by strong commercialised offering, gained Andrew’s support as a means for sustainable community development. 

Anergy, incorporating Bunbury-based Ansac Pty Ltd, has been exporting specialised thermal equipment out of Western Australia for over 25 years. By building small-scale plants at a capital cost below USD$3m*/MW, Anergy provides a strong business case compared to conventional waste to energy technologies. Traditional forms of WtE technology such as incineration or gasification only tend to be economic at a scale of 500,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) and upwards, producing just 1MW of electricity for every 6 tph of sorted waste.

Michael Martella, Anergy’s Managing Director, explains: “Anergy’s technology is extremely compact and efficient which means we can build small scale plants at a capital cost of $1,5m/MW – 3m/MW as opposed to $15m/MW with conventional technologies installed. Furthermore, our technology yields 1MW of electricity from every 1.1tph of sorted waste.”


Andrew Robb points out: “Anergy is utilising decades of successful pyrolysis kiln manufacture. The company’s expertise in the field of small-scale waste to energy power generation and the resulting transformative technology answer the need for economic waste processing at small scales below 100,000 tpa. There are nearly 1.3 billion people without access to electricity, and more than 2.7 billion people are cooking with solid biomass, typically using inefficient stoves or open fires in poorly ventilated spaces . With the estimated global waste generation doubling to over 6 million tonnes of waste per day by 2025 and the number constantly increasing, small scale WtE technologies can provide the answer – a reliable energy resource in remote and rural areas where energy infrastructure systems are not sufficiently developed.”

Michael adds further: “We’ve been constantly adapting and updating our approach and technology. The result - Anergy plants can be extended to provide hot water, air conditioning, water treatment or sewage disposal, potentially bringing all of the basic requirements to run a community into a one single modular unit. This would have a particularly revolutionary impact on remote communities, but is applicable almost anywhere.”

A case in point: over the coming months, Anergy will complete commissioning of the 3MW Hazelmere Wood Waste to Energy plant in Perth, as well as the 100kW containerised Tineo Eucalyptus Project in Spain. These projects will showcase the capacity of Anergy’s technology on two different continents, two different feedstocks and two different scales. With all of the key equipment being built in Western Australia, Anergy is bringing a huge lift to the WA economy in a non-traditional industrial sector.

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