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Estuary Drive Test Facility

Location: Bunbury, Western Australia

Plant: HK510X Pyrolysis Kiln

The Anergy test facility is based around an Anergy HK510X model indirect-fired rotary kiln used in series with another horizontal direct-fired kiln used here as the pyrolysis gas combustor, known as a SACTO (Staged Air Cyclonic Thermal Oxidiser). Other materials handling and unit operations are also installed to support the two kilns.

Feedstock is generally fed from 200L drums or bulk-a-bags, via a belt conveyor into the feeding bin. Feed is loaded into the kiln via feed screw driven by a VSD to ensure that the feed rate is controlled and consistent. The kiln heat tube rotates as the result of a VSD controlling the residence time of the product in the process. The solid product drops out of the heat tube and into the cooling screw which is a jacketed screw conveyor to remove heat before collecting the solids. This screw loads the solids product into 200L drums via a slide gate valve, ensuring that an airtight seal is always maintained. The off gas is sent directly from the kiln to the SACTO where it is thermally oxidised before release to atmosphere. The SACTO is fired by a single package burner with an auxiliary combustion air fan to provide extra air as required.

All this process is controlled from the onsite control room, and data is logged recording temperature and pressure for later review. Other observations and sampling of liquors, and gasses are available from a number of sampling points to suit test objectives.

Depending on the type of demonstration campaign required, the facility is equipped with customisable equipment for syngas conditioning and polishing, and syngas recirculation to recirculate the syngas where required or inject directly into our demonstration engine. Emissions gas clean-up and wet scrubbing to capture any dust and fine particles is generally run as standard on any process, but is customisable to client’s needs.

Anergy also offer batch testwork via a smaller ~10kg batch style mini rotating indirect fired kiln for suitable applications.