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Location: Toronto, Canada

Feedstock: Anaerobic Digestate

Throughput: 1 tpd ‘Sulfachar’ Product

Product: Fixed Pilot Plant

In 2016 Anergy commenced work with CHAR Technologies, Canada to collaborate on possibilities for Anergy technology to be used in upcycling low value carbon waste into useful value added applications such as their Sulfachar product used as a gas-cleaning solution for toxic hydrogen sulfide (catalytic desulferisation). The plant was commissioned in 2018 and the team have enjoyed commercial production throughput and availability since then.

"Anaerobic Digestion (AD) digestate feedstock is converted into an Activated Carbon product marketed as ‘Sulfachar’ by CHAR Technologies utilising the High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) Process. This is achieved using the Anergy designed and manufactured system in two distinct steps - charring (also pyrolysis), and activation."

The feed material undergoes charring where it is heated indirectly in a non-oxygenated environment at temperature - this forms a solid biochar which is cooled and collected, and syngas which is combusted. The biochar is reintroduced to the system again and it is heated at high temperature with the introduction of hydrated carbon dioxide to achieve a high degree of carbon activation.