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Location: Collie, Western Australia
Feedstock: Thermal Coal
Throughput: 6000 kg/h

The Project was built for the conversion of low grade thermal coal to a high quality char product which was specifically required for the Rio Tinto Hi-Smelt process. Unfortunately after the Financial Crisis of 2008, Rio chose to shut down it’s Hi-Smelt plant meaning that the Weschar plant was de-commissioned due to the lack of a customer.

The plant was wholly engineered, procured and constructed by Ansac who was able to produce the plant for a capex 2.5 times lower than the nearest bidder.

"The Weschar Project is an example of our plant building capacity and the scaleability of the equipment Anergy manufactures."

On this project, the gas was flared and there was no power production. However, the core pyrolysis technology is the same as we have been building for 25 years. At 6tph the Weschar Project is the largest throughput plant we have built to date.