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Location: Asturias, Spain
Feedstock: Fresh Eucalyptus Woodchips
Throughput: 250 kg/h
Size: 250kW

Asturias, Spain

Tineo Project was put together under a consortium of companies in Spain under a European LIFE Project. The purpose of the plant is to continuously produce substantial quantities of biochar for use in extensive field trials. The objective is to verify its potential as a cost neutral method of enhancing soil and acting as a safe method of carbon sequestration.

"The Tineo project will provide Anergy a demonstration for European customers which will show containerisation and autonomous operation."

After a two year project delay while the project partners attempted to piece together technology from a global search it was realised that Anergy’s technology was the only technology option available to meet the available budget and the performance criteria for the plant. So the whole plant was sub-contracted to Anergy to build.