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Location: Perth, Western Australia

Feedstock: Shredded Tyres

Throughput: 2.5 tph

Product: Fixed plant

Anergy partnered with Elan Energy Matrix to construct a revolutionary Tyre Resource Recovery Facility (TRRF), having undertaken a series of experimental trials and development programmes at Anergy’s test plant in the lead up.

“The purpose of the plant is to use Anergy’s High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) Technology to convert shredded tyres into valuable by-products for reuse including char residue, milled steel, and a light oil - for further refining.”

The project utilising the Anergy HTP process presents a credible & environmentally sound alternative method for Tyre disposal breaking the feed into its constituent components for reuse. The project services the client’s tyre recycling customer base extending from around the Perth metropolitan area to wider regional Western Australia. Anergy expects construction to be complete with operations commencing in the second half of 2021.