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Location: Genk-Zuid, Belgium

Feedstock: Waste MDF and wood residues

Throughput: 3 tph 

Size: 5MW

Product: Fixed Plant

This plant is designed to convert waste Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) material into Activated Carbon through a two-stage High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) system. Both stages indirectly heat the product to temperatures above 750°C. 

In the first stage, raw feed material undergoes pyrolysis (also charring or carbonisation) to produce a solid char product which, in the second stage, undergoes activation upgrading the material to activated carbon.

"Further upgrading of the solid product is facilitated through a multi-stage granulation system, where the material undergoes grinding, mixing with binding compounds, granulation, and baking (indirect heating at temperatures around 600°C), to produce pellets of granular activated carbon."

The carbonisation, activation, and baking processes also produce a syngas which is upgraded through a multi-stage gas cleaning system, yielding a high calorific value fuel suitable for use in sustaining the plant processes, and generating electrical power, by combustion in a number of reciprocating gas engines exporting to the Belgium power network. Commissioning and handover of the first train (Stage 1) of the project is expected in the second half 2021.